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At Hopping Eye Associates we specialize in visual perceptual disorders or learning-related vision problems, eye muscle or movement disorders, convergence insufficiency, strabismus and amblyopia.  At our Vision Learning Center we provide vision therapy, or visual training, to our patients who are experiencing or struggling with these deficiencies.  Our doctors have over 30 years of experience in diagnosing and treating patients with visual perceptual, eye muscle and vision learning-related diagnoses.

Vision is much more than “20/20 eyesight”.  Nearly 80% of what a young child perceives, comprehends and remembers will depend on the efficiency of their visual system.  Vision is a learned skill, just as learning to walk or talk would be.  Early detection and diagnosis of a developmental vision problem is key and if caught during the pre-school years can often be corrected before the child enters school.

Our comprehensive eye examinations involve testing for learning related and eye muscle problems.  Not all eye care specialists practice the developmental approach to vision care.  If making an appointment for your child to test their visual system for development it is important to ask if ALL of the visual abilities will be checked.  Those include: eye movement control, form perception, visual motor integration, depth perception, eye teaming ability, sustaining clear to focus, focusing near to far and visual memory.

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